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Every part of the following is just, wrong.

On 05/20/14 10:45am; While I was talking to my daughter on the phone the Police stormed her house and arrested her for “Felon in possession of a firearm”. Felon in possession? She has never been arrested before, and she has had a conceal carry permit for over 2 years.

My X-wife took off work and went down to the police station to find out more of what was going on and the detective/ investigator told her three things “You should be keeping better track of your daughter”.”Your daughter has been selling guns to felons” and “She’s going down”. My X-wife said she called him an asshole or something like that and went home to call into the station. She said she got a very nice woman on the phone and as they were talking about the situation, the lady at the police station said that our daughter had a felony conviction in 1967. 1967? Our daughter wasn't born until 1978. Now, if she could receive a felony convection 11 years before she was born, how did she get a conceal carry permit? What the hell is going on? What an asinine justice system. And things have only gone downhill sense.

6-14-14 Update – Now that they have figured out that our daughter was not a convicted felon 11 years before she was born (thanks to her mother) and that she was not selling guns to felons, the charge now is “Aiding and abetting felon in possession of firearm”.
Now some questions I have are; Was the felony conviction that was on her record used to get the search warrant? Who was the judge that signed that? We will be working to get as many names of whom is involved in this fiasco.
I do know that Detective Voy was one of the persons involved.
More names will be listed as I know them.

6-18-14 Update – Known clowns involved so far;
Davenport Iowa Police Dept.- Detective – Voy
Judge that signed the search warrant – Fowler
Signed the arrest warrant – Traum
Prosecutor - Amy Devine - Do we want our prosecutor's working in this manner?.
As I find out more info in the name category, I will post

07-19-14 Update - They say that my daughter is a member of a violent Biker gang. The closest thing my daughter owns to a motorcycle is a moped.
And, they have tacked 64 pages of violent felony's from another persons record onto her boy friends. When my daughter tried to get that straighten out, they told her "we are not interested".

7-27-14 Update - Trial is set for 11-17-14. Now, what are we doing here? They thought she was a Felon in possession of fire arms, with a conceal carry permit? OK that proved false. And at the same time they thought she was selling firearms to Felons, Not true again. So nothing they thought was happening was? Now they fall back on anything they think they can get some kind of conviction for something? Why? To save face? At the cost of families? Oh my God. They should be working to straighten out the mess they have created. But no, WE ONLY ATTACK! ARREST! FILL THE JAILS UP! Oh my God. A self perpetuating system, harming society all the way.

1-15-2015 Update - Looks like they have successfully railroaded my daughter like what they did to me. Instead of dropping charges and apologizing for their mistakes, they plea bargain "you plead guilty to X, and we will give you a year probation and then expunge your record, OR we will prosecute you for that thing we know your innocent of". Our criminal justice system is a crime!

click here USA Today story

This is where your tax dollars are going, and with the courts and jails so overwhelmed, WHY? Even if not Why? We have spent over $5,000 so far and that figure will only go higher. And in the end they will not stand responsible for the harm they have done or the tax payer money they have used to harm the very people they are suppose to "protect and serve". Whoever has the authority to stop this type of practice is where the buck stops. Why would you allow this type of practice in the first place? It can only lead to wrongly convicting the people they are suppose to "protect and serve". Have they fallen a sleep at the wheel? Or worse yet, are they wanting to harm the public legally?

Now, you know, whats sad about this whole situation is; before my daughter's arrest her and her boyfriend thought that the police were the good guys. Her boyfriend volunteered to go in and answer any questions that the officers/detective had. They just wanted to be open and solve any problems so they could go on with life. And what happened was it just pissed the police off. I do not understand and I bet they don't either on why the system wants to harm as a first means of solving possible problems. Don't we all want to live in Harmony? If you ask them now, I will bet that they have learned not to talk to police. Not to help them and probably to keep their children away from them. Now, as a society, is this what we want to happen? Oh my God.......

Now lets look at some of the disturbing effects on society of what these people are doing:
(1) – Jamming up an already over whelmed court and jail system.... Now, could this type of action/enforcement/behavior by the system be the cause of the over whelmed court and jail systems? Like a self perpetuating system. Oh my God, Can I be the only one to see this?
(2) – The needless financial drain on families, only leading these families more towards or into poverty.
(3) – Unneeded stress in families life’s leading closer to heart attacks, PTSD, more citizen’s mistrusting law enforcement, etc
So, why would anybody think that handling/enforcing laws in this manner/way would be protecting or serving the public?

Link to a police video below. This is the kind of country I want to live in, thank you Little Rock. It's all a choice.
You will have to sit through a commercial first, sorry.

click here CBS NEWS police video

Or watch it here.

Here is a link to a 60 minutes video of how our system has been working and how the prosecutor involved now is very sorry about the way he has conducted himself in the past. A very disturbing video, but the way our system works. You as a tax payer need to decide if this would be ok if your children were treated in this manner!

click here CBS 60 Minutes video

About 15 years ago Coralville Iowa police officers John Williams and Smith came to my home and harmed my son and myself (they or the system has never taken responsibility for what they did). I was arrested and punished for trying to protect my son. Now the police are harming my daughter. At what point do you say no more! Do not come back! Stay away from my family, stay away from my home. Can you cancel out of their service? Can you just say "you do not have to come to my home for anything!" No budget spent, no time needed, I do not want your service! I cancel my subscription!

No you can't right? In your home, you have to let them into your families life to/and harm? Why? If a father is tired of the justice system coming into his home and harming his family, what are the options? Tell them to stay away? And if they don’t,,,,,, what? What do you do? How do you keep your family safe? Our justice system does not look at what they are doing or the harm they are causing to families and society. And it’s always in the name of the law or for public safety. If you are harming the people that you are supposed to be protecting, then you are not following the law! You are not working for public safety! Oh my god, keep these assholes away from my family!

You know,,,, I wouldn't mind giving the justice system full rain over things, if I knew that when the situation was all said and done that things had been resolved fair. Being able to come into your home, wrongly accuse, wrongly arrest and harm your children is all wrong!
If you end up doing something like that then You have to work to straighten out the situation to the best of your human ability. Otherwise you are a danger and a threat to all.


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