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"I don't know how did I got my hands in this"

"I need to ask my Mom, where did they got her from" (PG talking about not claiming MG as family 2005)

"Don! What did you done to it?"

"What did I did?"

"I Don"

"What did I taught him?"

"I sendded it to you!"

"You can not just have one of this" (Halloween candy 11/01/06)

"This ones, thank you Don" PG

"Order NEEDS TO SHOP UPS 2 DAY" (A typo made by MG on a needed parts order)

"I almost diddn came"

"Real Funny, Gringo" MG

"I diddn went"

"Don? what did you forgot?" PG 11/20/06

"You diddn see her right? it was a guy" PG

"he diddn brought them to me"

"so you can broke it?" faxing cookies

"I'm just going to keep this one's"