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BK .jpg

BK is our resident kitty. One day BK disapeared. The facility was searched by many, head to toe you might say. But he was nowhere. Then, about 4 days later we received a call that BK had been found. He showed up in New Jersey on the Barbra Streisand tour. It seems, when they docked the trucks to unload, out came BK from one of the trailers. With him so far from home, the Company bought a kitty carrier and a plane ticket. The next day, BK was home. A sign showed up on the bulletin board "BK's first tour" Now we wounder if he will have a Second.


Here is BK on my desk, what a ham.


A sad note - BK passed away today 11.16.2007. While playing Outside this morning he was hit by a car. Brian rushed him to the vet but BK passed on shortly after. He was one of the original kittens born in the south building and will be missed by many.