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Ebay Auction #120836039492
TITLE-Dell Inspiron 5160 New In Retail BOX, Window XP COA and loaded.
DESCRIPTION-You Are Bidding on Unused Computer IT was never used
Dell Inspiron 5160 Laptop
Intel P4 3.06Ghz CPU
512MB Ram (easy to upgrade)!
Built in Wifi Card
30gb Hard Drive
1400x1050 resolution
Battery is New,
Genuine Dell Ac adapter is included
Preloaded with XP Pro with COA
Symantic Anti Virus
Spyware protection

PROBLEM 1-Windows XP installed was not XP pro like stated in auction description but XP home. That doesn't bother me, XP home is fine for my use. But over email seller states that it is XP pro! He activated it and he knows it is XP pro. Even the photo used for the auction, shows XP home on the screen.
PROBLEM 2-Display resolution is stated as 1400x1050{SXGA+) when received I could not get that resoution. I could only get 1024x768(XGA). After several emails back and forth with the seller, he insists it is an SXGA+ display and that he is sorry I am having driver problems, even after I told him I looked at the display cable and it is marked XGA.
Oh and the driver is running fine, no conflicts. Photos below are of product.


Photo shows clearly XP home installed not XP pro.


Photo shows BIOS at startup - display is shown as XGA not SXGA+. Also note service tag number, its not the same number as on the bottom of the computer. The service tag number being different does not bother me.


Bottom of unit with service tag number. Also shows tag for XP home installed.


Photo shows display cable pluged into the graphics card. I lifed the keyboard to look at it. Even after informing the seller that it is labled XGA and therefore could not be the higher resolution as auction states, he still does not look at facts and insists I have a driver problem and the display is SXGA+. I do not understand logic that throws fact out the window in favor of "I think this, so thats the way it is".



So I pulled the LCD pannel out of the computer to see the part number sticker on the back. XGA. What else would it be??