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Gringo Don is troubled by some of what he sees
happening in our country.


This will be an on going note with some of Gringo Don's views on subjects of concern.
Last updated March,2014

The three men I admire most - "The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost"

Lets go over Justice System basics.
(1) We do not want our Justice System attacking us!
(2) Our laws were put on the books to protect and serve us.
If our law inforcement is using them to harm,
then they are not protecting and serving!
(3) We do not want our Justice System blindly enforcing Laws!
All of our laws were put on the books for a reason.
Use them as such! Quit using them to harm people and families!
(4) Justice is an essential element of Happiness!
As a society, why are we not working toward Justice?

What kind of a world do you want?
History starts now. Think about it.

(1) Our Children growing up, becoming selfish and selfcentered.

Gringo Don's views All children are special and deserve the best, But I do not believe that we as a country are raising our children to be more aware of others than them self's. I see and hear so many selfish things every day from adults, I can only wonder why? We all have said "children can be so mean". So when a child walks up to another and says something like "boy, you have a pointed head". They may not understand that the statement was mean, they may just be stating facts like so many children do. Then other times a youngster will say something meaning to be mean. And we say "kids are so mean" or "kids will be kids". I feel that's unacceptable. We as a society may not be able to choose what happens when our country's children are at home, but we do have the ability to work with them at school. I feel that we should be starting in kindergarten and continuing though school to help them understand that everybody has disabilities, some, more than others and that looking out for and helping thy neighbor will lead to a much happier life for all. Research has shown that when the helper helps others, they gain more happiness though out life(they win) and when the helpee is helped they win. Its a win win situation. As a country I would think we would want to raise our children in as loving and kind of an atmosphere as possible. Starting early with youngsters can only lead to less harmful violence and more happiness later in ones life. While we have a lot of very good school staff in our schools. I'm not sure that our schools feel it is there place to put emphasis on a lifestyle of "Help thy Neighbor".

I see so many people later on in life out for them self's first. Whether cutting off others while driving, screwing your neighbor for self gain or any number of selfish acts I see every day. I don't think there is any doubt that if adults thought less of them self's and more of others, our country would be a lot better place. Does it all stem from not working with our children early, about how others are important?

Note; Bullyism in school and society in general is a no win situation for both sides. I think it is a national tragedy that we let it continue.

Note 2014; I do not understand why we as a species are not teaching our children from the very start that "we(mankind) are on this rock(the earth) moving though what we call space at a incredible speed knowing very little about where we are, why we are here and where we are going". We know nothing about what lies beyond our universe and very little of what lies within it.

Mankind spends so much energy either trying to control others, harm others and/or show that they are better than others. I believe we should be working though education with our young people to understand the facts of "we don't know"! We don't know where we are, where we came from and where we are going, instead of putting so much emphasis on learning and thinking that material wealth is the goal of life and will bring you happiness. People work for material wealth all their life just to find out at the end that society has lead them down a dead end road. Sadly, some people may never understand and pass on never knowing. Our society looks at wealthy people as upper members of society, when in many cases they are not. The amount of material wealth is not what matters for an happy, satisfying, loving life. And after all, that's the reason we are here. Enjoy.

(2a) Our Criminal Justice System

McMinnville, Oregon

High School Boys Get Arrested For Slapping Butts Of Their Female Classmates

Boys Face Sex Trial for Slapping Girls' Posteriors

Do the Two Middle-Schoolers Deserve Jail and a Sex Crime Record for What They Call an Exuberant Greeting?

After hours of interviews with students the day of the February 2007 incident, the officer read the boys their Miranda rights and hauled them off in handcuffs to juvenile jail, where they spent the next five days.

Gringo Don's views - Should these kids have been sent to the principal's office? Absolutely. Should they get detention and/or suspension? Probably. Did they need to be treated like criminals simply for acting like a couple of immature teenage boys? Of course not.

Was Marshall Roache the officer "serving the people" when he handcuffed and arrested the boys for this sort of behavior? Was Bradley Berry the DA "serving the people" when he filed 10 misdemeanor charges against the boys and had them spend 5 days in jail? Why have the DA and Officer not been fired or retrained for the way they have handled there end? Both have already harmed the boys much more than any harm they have caused, and if sent to jail for any of the charges, you can count on the fact that they will come back out much worse as members of the community than when they went in! The DA and Officer obviously have no sense of right and wrong or Justice. We all should be asking our self's; Is this the way we want our justice system to work? When we as a society keep people like this in the system we will always have a very hard time finding any Justice in the end. They create as much injustice as they try to stop. This is only one of a large number of situations where people in the system may never have to stand accountable for decisions they have made. And make no mistake; they make the choice, just as any other predator. We do not have them/the system in place to use the laws to harm the people they are supposed to be serving! They choose. I understand we all make mistakes. But you can tell the Good Guys from the Bad Guys by simply noting how they deal with things in the end. The good guys will try to right their wrong to the best of their human ability. "When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it".The bad guys will claim they did there job as they were supposed too and had the right to do it. NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO HARM OTHERS. The only debatable side to that would be if you are faced with defending your or your family's life.

For further info on this particular situation in Oregon and a view I agree with. I would suggest following the link below.
How District Attorney can legally abuse our children.

I will not dwell on the subject of injustice in this country to much but noting one more situation I think would be good.

(2b) We have had two 15yr olds shot and killed by police in this country in the last couple weeks. One of the boys was shot at school (he had a pellet gun)and the other (an autistic boy) was killed while at home (he had a butter knife).

Warning! you may not agree with this information, but beleave it or not it is fact. There are a lot of people in this country that seam to disregard fact for their own fantasy idea that they will defend to the death. Like "Blacks are not human", or I say it as "people that beleave 2+2=5". You can show them time and time again that 2+2=4 but they refuse to listen.

First sad story

Police in Texas have shot dead a 15-year-old boy carrying an air-powered pellet gun, saying he had refused to lower the weapon after a classroom fight.
Jaime Gonzalez, an eighth grade student, was in possession of what looked like a handgun when police went to Cummings middle school in Brownsville, the acting police chief, Orlando Rodriguez, said.
Also he said that, before the confrontation with police, Gonzalez had walked into a classroom and punched another boy in the nose. "He had plenty of opportunities to lower the weapon...and he didn't want to," Rodriguez added.
Two officers fired three shots, hitting Gonzalez at least twice.

Gringo Don's views

FACT -(1) Something was happening with this young boy, A problem with somthing in his life. What? we will now never know. So what do we do as a society? We kill him when he has not really harmed anybody. Our system failed and our system will always fail when they do not understand that humans are not perfect and sometimes unclear what to do. Anybody under high stress may not be thinking clearly and is even more likely to not make the best decision in a situation. And whats even more sad is that our system will not even relize the mistake it made and more people will die needlessly as time goes on.
FACT -(2) When we as a society have and surport a justice system that chooses to end life in a situation when the so called bad guy has made no atempt to end anybody else's life, we will all never see justice! And make no mistake, choosing to end life is a choice. They could of used non lethal means to subdue this boy. But instead, they choose to kill a child. So in my opinion, this young boy was murdered!
FACT -(3) How many 15 year old kids make the best decision every time they are faced with a problem? NONE! How many adults make the best decision when they are faced with a problem? Well then, what the hell is our justice system doing?
FACT -(4) So what do we do in situations like this? keep letting it happen? This seams to be what society is doing, and let me tell you, there are plenty of people in this country that think the police are justifided in the killing of this boy. COMMENT - So you would also think that these same people would want the police to write speeding tickets before you speed! After all, you were driving in a car and you had plenty of opportunities to stop and not drive.
GRINGO DON'S VIEW -(5) Our law inforcement has lost touch with humanity when they put so little value on life as they do! THE ONLY TIME YOU MAY HAVE THE NEED TO KILL ANY LIFE IN THIS WORLD IS IF YOU ARE DEFENDING YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE FROM PHYSICAL HARM! This boy had not shot his pellet gun or seriously harmed anybody!

Second sad story

Autistic 15 year old boy in Calumet City, Ill with a butter knife out of control. Police called to the home to help with the situation. By the time police showed up at the house in response to the family's call for help, Stephon had calmed down. The family told police they no longer needed assistance, but officers forced their way into the basement and when Stephon saw police, he became agitated again. Yes, Stephon Watts did lunge at an oficer with the butter knife. The boy has problems(Autism) and the police were fully aware of Stephon's situation. And what do they do? Shoot him twice in the head. IT WAS A BUTTER KNIFE! Again, lets not use non lethal means to subdue, lets kill? One of the officers had a stun gun. Did he use it? NO, they just shot him.

Gringo Don's view

Ok, let me see, you call the police for help and they kill your son? So, to protect our families, do we need to shoot police officers if they enter our property? Well, they had a gun and had plenty of opportunities to put it down or leave it in there car! If they will needlessly kill our children and not be held responible for these actions. Why would you let them on your property? What are the options? I have had police officers force there way into my home (officer John Williams and officer Smith of the Corilville, Iowa police dept.) and when I tried to protect my children, I was arrested and punished. In the end, they succeeded in harming my children!

This all makes me sick, humans are a violent and non caring race of life. Listen up idiots, If you want a non violent world, then don't escalate violents as a means to solve problems! YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A NON VIOLENT WORLD WHEN YOU SUPPORT A SYSTEM THAT SOLVES PROBLEMS BY ESCALATING VIOLENCE AND JUSTIFYING HARMING OTHERS!

02/19/2012 Yet another murder by police - An Arizona man was shot to death by police Tuesday while holding his grandson.

Police say 50-year-old John Loxas was holding his grandchild in his arms as he walked around his Scottsdale neighborhood Tuesday night threatening neighbors and police.
"There were at least three officers in position to engage the suspect. At least one of the officers thought he saw something in the suspect's hands," said Sgt. Mark Clark. Loxas was standing outside of his home with his grandchild still in his arms when Officer James Peters fired one shot to the head, killing the suspect.
Police say the 9-month-old boy was not injured during the shooting. Officers also escaped unharmed. Neighbors are now questioning the officers actions. Investigators say the officers on the scene thought Loxas was holding a gun. Detectives did not find a weapon on Loxas following the shooting, but did locate several firearms inside the home.
Officer Peters, who fired the fatal shot, has been involved in seven shootings over the past decade.

Gringo Don's Views

So you look at the police officer cross eyed and they have the right to kill you? We all say or do things now and then that are not the best choice in a situation. So that gives the police the right to kill when you have not harmed anybody? This is an Epidemic! Police are murdering our children and adults when they are not directly in danger! Whether they think they are in danger means nothing! If they are going to end life and not use non lethal means to subdue somebody they better damn well be defending there own life or somebody elses! This man has harmed nobody! He didn't even have a weapon on him! Again something was happening in this mans life that he was upset or something with, and what do we do as a society? We don't work to help and protect like we should, we kill! Do you idiots not see a problem with what the police are doing? My god, sobody has to stand up and say something/do something. Keep these murderers away from my family. They need to be held responsible for these murders! PROTECT AND SERVE HAS A MEANING. THEY DID NOT PROTECT OR SERVE JOHN OR THE REST OF US!

WARNING! In this country, if you are upset about something in your life, or not and are confronted by police, your actions (even if you have made no atempt to harm anybody) can lead to your death. And the system will call it justified. Is this the way we want our police to work? It sounds like murder to me! Think about it, will this ever lead to justice? NO!!!!!!!

I'm lost, I don't get it. You seem to think that we will get justice and a non violent country by letting the police shoot and kill people that are unarmed? 2+2=5
So, if he wasn't armed then was he mouthing off to the police? So we kill him????? What?
Is there any possible excuse for needing to shoot an unarmed man holding a child? Can anyone think of one? I can't. Please email me if anybody can think of something or has comments.(email link is availible on Home page from main menu)
Lets see, the old saying goes "sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me".

(3) Long term Relationships; be it Marriage or Significant others.

Healing from long term relationship break-ups and divorce are a difficult task at best. When 65-75% of them end in divorce and almost 30% of the couples you talk to have had a break up recently. Our society for some reason doesn't see a problem! I have heard "all is fare in Love and War". That's unacceptable! Even the latest Medical studies show that permanent physical and psychological damage occur. Well? Its no wonder that some people never completely recover, carrying with them the pain of the break up through life. Others become immobilized from the fear of getting close to a partner again.

Gringo Don's views - This country just doesn't get it! Partners that instigate unneeded endings to relationships should be shunned by society. There is absolutely no evidence showing that ending long term relationships does either partner any good. But there's lots of evidence showing the long term harm to individuals and society (the extreme cases when it is necessary to end a relationship for the safety of one or both of the partners, I am not including in this writing).

When you do the Math. 65-75%, 7-9 year's to get over the situation if you're able too at all. That works out to somewhere around 10-20% of the population is living in relationship hell at any one time in this country. Hello! That's not good. And when you look at parents/partners trying to cope with life and work in that crippling state. That alone has to be one hell of a disability for this country. Wise up -


Concluding Notes, Comments & questions;

We will all perish as a species/world if we do not understand and solve the problems that will lead to mankind's extinction, and if/when we come to that point, all of our lives will have been inconsequential.

A few or mankind's hurdles, (1) The increasing speed of the universe/Dark energy (2) Man's inhumanity to man

The Universe is increasing at an ever increasing rate, and all that lies outside of our universe is unknown. Physics has some ideas but really no answers as to what lies beyound our Universe.

Now, Physics describes "dark energy" as an unknown force that is pushing our universe outward. But, what if the ever expanding Universe is being pulled outward by the so called "void of everything/anything". Would that be the force that we are calling "Dark Energy"? and if so is the void also void of time?

Now, man's inhumanity to man? Well, thats a choice that man makes. Why? We live in a world that has the option of being "the garden of eden". So why does man what to harm others so bad?

It's kind of funny in a sad way, but we only need to do one little thing to have a peaceful society,"NEVER ATTACK OTHERS". That is all, just doing one little thing will bring peace and harmony to our society.

Albert Einstein was a Genius, a rebel, a pacifist, an eccentric with a clowning sense of humor who once remarked about his own theories"...I never thought that others would take them so much more seriously than I did..."(Young Einstein,Yahoo Serious,1988) (Albert Einstein 1879-1955)

Little did we know that Albert Einstein's relativity would need to be used with Quantum Mechanics' to explain the universe. Together, they are not perfect but the best that we have. We are still looking...

We all have the wonderful opportunity to experience life for a very short time. Time began long before we existed and will continue long after we are gone. We enter into this world with nothing, and we will leave with nothing. Within our short window of life, we will have the unique opportunity of life's experiences. Love and kindness are amongst the most wonderful. Defending your family or yourself maybe the most trying.

Anybody infringing upon you or your family's life whether they are called good guys or bad guys are a threat to society. If they truly are "the good guys" they will respect that in there dealings.

Now, all life is looking for happieness. And with all life looking for happieness; then all life needs to know the ingredents of happieness. So lets explore what we know is needed for happieness.
(1)Love is an ingredent of happieness. Now you may say; Why would love be an ingredent? Well, if not love, then its hate. Now, can you ever find happieness with, or in, hate? No, you can't!
(2)Helping others is an ingredent of happieness. Again, we need to ask; Why would helping others be an ingredent of happieness? Well, if you are not helping others, then you are harming others. Happieness will never be found in harming others just as Happieness will never found in hate!
(3)Is there a third? or can there only be two things needed for happieness? Wow, can it be that simple? Check back, I will continue to search.

Does Mankind as a species not have the intelligence to use laws for good?

WORLD ZERO VIOLENCE EQUATION = "This has to happen, or this will not!"

Humans work very hard to get the things that they do not want.

In life, always do your best, learn all you can and NEVER ATTACK OTHERS!

Question; Why does man work so hard to defeat himself?

Allow people to be who they are.

Everybody has talents that they are good at. We should be using those talents to help others. That is how the world profits.

It's a good thing I only see a few problems with the way our country seams to want to work. Otherwise I would end up writing nonstop and wouldn't have time to enjoy a beer. Although the few problems I do see, are DUzies.

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