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T h e S t o p p e r


Home and property, self-defense system

What would you say if you knew that you could have a system installed into you home and/or on your property that would protect you and your family from armed hooligans. It could even protect you while you sleep. It would stop the hooligans in their tracks, wake you up, and then you could walk up to the hooligans and take their firearms away from them. And do it all non-lethal.

A system like this is not only possible with today’s technology but has already been tested. What would you say,,,,,,,,,
Tired of armed assholes coming to your home to harm your family?

Energy in focused waves will become the new firearm in the near future, and unlike a firearm that needs to be aimed at a precise point to hit its mark, energy in focused waves can stop not only one human but a whole group at once and all from a hand held device no larger than a Colt 45.
An emitter of this type outputs its energy waves in angular degrees so the further away you get from the emitter the broader the beam, and the more area it will cover.
Well, up to a point. Once the energy has dissipated too thinly it’s no longer effective for this purpose. But 20-100ft is very doable. And it just needs power in the form of an electrical current.

They can be mounted anywhere in your home, on your porch, or around your property triggered from a remote wireless button, motion sensor, smart phone, etc. Pair that with wireless video cameras mounted around your home/property and you can very easily protect your family from armed assholes whose only goal is to harm you and/or your family.

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