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Todays group was made up of 3 Engineers (the kids) and 2 dispatcher/switch personal (their father and myself). There would be one mainline train, a local switcher, and a logging train. The team worked extremely well together for the next 3 1/2 hours,,, then I needed a break.


This is Ireland, age 4. It took her about 2 minutes to learn the basic functionality of the Lenz LH100 Dispatchers Throttle. She was the smally-est kid-let and had control of the biggest train. She ran the main line, a triple header with 15-20 cars plus caboose. She would stop at sidings when needed, break her train, pull out cars she needed to add to her train, push cars back into the siding she needed to drop off, put her train back together again, you get the idea.



Meet Zach, age 10. Very proficient with the wireless throttle working the local switcher moving cars to and from businesses then setting them out on a siding for the main line train to pick up.


This is Aden, age 7. He is in control of the logging operation. His job was to safely move the logs from the logging camp to the saw mill. On his journey to the Mill, he would sometimes need to yield the main right of way and sit on a siding waiting for the main line train to come though. Once the main was clear, he could continue on his way.


Sometimes the fun is in figuring out where to put the cars as you are switching them around.


This company has orders to get out. Zach is setting a car for them to load.


Here, Zach has main line clearance to push his cars into the siding for the main line engineer(Ireland) to pick up.


Zach is teaching the basics to the newcomers.




She is stopping her Shay to take on water.


and then she saw me taking her picture.




My grand-kids came to visit today and out of the three of them, only one was interested in being an engineer. Meet Shaylynn, she almost caused the biggest train wreck we ever had but after getting the fell of things she did a great job. She was the engineer for the logging train, we let her drive the 55-ton Shay. After all, she was named after the Engine,,,,,,,,,I think.



This is one amazing little girl. She thinks about running trains day and night. It seems, she just can't get enough of them.


Ireland has just split her train and is pulling forward to clear the switch. She will be adding a pipe loaded flat car to her train.


Now, she is backing into the siding to couple up to the flat car. She operates all of her trains with great precision.


Here, she is about to couple up to the pipe loaded flat car that needs to be added to her train.

This was a great little story that I failed to see while taking the photos. And as it is, this is my last picture. So the rest of the story you will just have to imagine.

After she has coupled to the flat, she will pull back out of the siding and put her train back together again. Then, she will continue on her way.


Ireland is the only one in control of the layout.


She's the engineer and watches over things like a Hawk. Nothing is going wrong on her watch.


Backing the logging train into the saw mill siding.


Once again, a perfect job.